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How to Enable Recording for Google Meet


Using video conferencing is a great way to make the most of your time working remotely. Google provides their top performing video conferencing platform, Google Meet, to both personal and Google Workspace account holders. Google Workspace users have the added benefit of being able to record their Google Meet video calls. Find out how to enable recording for Google Meet so that you can leverage this helpful feature and optimize your next virtual meeting.

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Can You Use Google Docs Offline?


Using Google Docs to collaborate with colleagues or friends is one of the top perks of using this cloud-based productivity app. But many users worry that they’ll always need an internet connection to be able to use Google Docs. Good news! Not only can you edit your document offline, but it’s easy and efficient to use Google Docs offline.

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How to Add Google Voice to Workspace


Today’s top businesses know that integration across digital products helps productivity and efficiency in the workplace. If you are using Google’s cloud-based file storage services and communicate with your team using Google Workspace (an amazing suite of productivity apps built for the cloud), adding a Google Voice account to leverage the low pricing and versatility of VoIP will bring your business communication and processes to the next level.

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Google Shared Drive Permissions (explained in plain English)


Business has been moving toward online collaboration for years. But the global pandemic has shown that collaborating virtually is a necessity for today's business environment. Google Workspace allows companies to create Google Shared Drives for employee work and collaboration. But for companies concerned about data security and access, a firm understanding of Google Shared Drive permissions and how to set sharing up effectively is important.

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Google Workspace vs Bluehost


Whether you are a startup with the hottest new idea or a small business looking for the best possible online presence, chances are you need a domain name service. There are several major registry tools available, but among the leaders are Google Workspace and Bluehost. In this article, you can read about the differences between the two. I'll compare G Suite vs Bluehost in terms of building websites, security, support and uptime, price, and more. 

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