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How to Make Implementation of BeyondCorp Simple and Seamless

How to make the implementation of BeyondCorp Simple & Seamless

1,862. That’s the number of data breaches that were perpetrated in 2021. The figure represents a 68% increase when compared to the previous year. 

Nearly $7 billion. That staggering figure represents personal losses that could be attributed to internet crimes in 2021. While some of these crimes were perpetrated against individuals, many others targeted businesses and their abundance of valuable data. 

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Keep data safe with Google Workspace security center advanced analytics & threat intelligence tools

Security & Privacy Series: Part III

Security for your organization has many different aspects and components. Initially, it comes down to two things: what is your company's policy and what are the available controls? For example, the controls may enable you to prevent external sharing but it may be company policy to allow it. There are also times when the controls can’t meet the policy requirements. In these cases, additional security tools may be needed. Once your desired controls are implemented it is important to monitor and verify settings on a regular basis. The Google Workspace security health page helps you monitor existing settings and make changes based on recommendations from Google. 

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Control Access to Google Apps & Services with Context Aware Access (CAA)

Part II Control Access to Google Apps & Services with Context-Aware-Access (CAA)

The way we work has drastically changed over the last few years.  With work-from-home and hybrid work becoming the new normal, secure employee access to business applications and data is fundamentally changing.  Many organizations are looking to implement a zero trust framework. Google Workspace can help you accomplish these goals. In Part II of our blog series on security and privacy, we are focusing on Context-Aware Access or CAA.

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BeyondCorp: Google Zero Trust Security for Enterprise


In today's article, we'll introduce you to BeyondCorp - Google's implementation of the Zero Trust model for cybersecurity. You already know that in today’s day and age, staying on top of technology is essential to running a successful business, and with BeyondCorp (the Google Zero Trust security solution) you can shift access controls from the network perimeter to individual users, allowing  your enterprise to keep your sensitive data secure.

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How to Secure Google Drive


Workplace collaboration requires a lot of data sharing, document reviews, and communication among employees. A virtual workspace like Google Drive can make all of this easy and efficient. What you don’t want to include in your plan are opportunities for outside parties to access or even steal your information and sensitive business data. Securing your Google Drive will allow your business to focus on work without worrying about online vulnerabilities.

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