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Steve Newman

I love sports and technology. I graduated from the University of Georgia where I was a member of the men’s basketball team. After college, I traveled the world playing basketball. When my basketball career was over I moved into the technology world. I have worked for small early-stage startups and some of the largest companies in the world. I’ve been working in the Google Ecosystem both as a partner and as a Googler for over a decade now.

Keep data safe with Google Workspace security center advanced analytics & threat intelligence tools

Security & Privacy Series: Part III

Security for your organization has many different aspects and components. Initially, it comes down to two things: what is your company's policy and what are the available controls? For example, the controls may enable you to prevent external sharing but it may be company policy to allow it. There are also times when the controls can’t meet the policy requirements. In these cases, additional security tools may be needed. Once your desired controls are implemented it is important to monitor and verify settings on a regular basis. The Google Workspace security health page helps you monitor existing settings and make changes based on recommendations from Google. 

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Control Access to Google Apps & Services with Context Aware Access (CAA)

Part II Control Access to Google Apps & Services with Context-Aware-Access (CAA)

The way we work has drastically changed over the last few years.  With work-from-home and hybrid work becoming the new normal, secure employee access to business applications and data is fundamentally changing.  Many organizations are looking to implement a zero trust framework. Google Workspace can help you accomplish these goals. In Part II of our blog series on security and privacy, we are focusing on Context-Aware Access or CAA.

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