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Google Team Drive Pricing and Features


Having the ability to quickly share files, information, and data within a company is instrumental in a productive work environment. Now with modern day technology this can all be done instantly and enhanced collaboration is the norm within Google Drive. Team Drives or Shared Drives have been introduced as a way for teams to quickly share and collaborate a set of centrally located and shared documents and files, all accessible from anywhere in the cloud.

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Cost Saving Ideas: Manufacturing Industry


Running a business in manufacturing is no small feat. Like any business, you have to ensure that you have a decent profit margin and we all know that inefficiencies can sabotage even the best business forecasts. The good news is, there are measures that you can take to make your business more efficient and thus increase your savings to protect your profit margin. In this article we'll discuss some cost saving ideas manufacturing companies can use to improve margins and eliminate waste.

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Major Risks Associated with Cloud Computing


More and more small businesses are trending toward cloud computing. Blue chip tech companies like IBM, Intel, Amazon, and Google are all-in on migrating to the cloud. And while there are numerous benefits to moving your company data to Google Cloud Platform, or one of the other reputable cloud providers, you may be asking yourself: "Are there major risks associated with cloud computing?"

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