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Outlook Calendar vs Google Calendar


Google and Outlook both provide a variety of different tools useful for professional and personal use. Among these tools are the Google and Outlook calendar apps, which both provide similar and easy to use features which can help users stay organized and productive.

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How to Set Up Google Calendar Out of Office Notices


There are times when everyone needs to take a day or two off of work. Whether it is for a vacation, a doctor’s appointment or picking up your kids a bit earlier than normal. Life happens, and it is important to have the ability to quickly (and universally) let your colleagues know this without having to email or call people directly.

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Google Calendar 101: A User Guide


Gone are the days of flipping through a rolodex or paper calendar book to check for appointments. 20 years ago it was not uncommon to miss appointments due to forgetting to check the calendar. But now, in the digital age, there is an alternative that solves these issues and makes life exponentially easier ... Google Calendar.

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