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Vertex AI: Search that Slaps

Welcome to the age of cloud-powered search, where you can ditch the expensive search infrastructure and data scientists and turn "I want search on my website" into reality before bedtime. This blog post dives into Vertex AI Search & Conversation, a revolutionary tool that puts Google's AI muscle at your fingertips.

Goodbye Servers, Hello Pay-as-You-Go

Remember the days of wrestling with hefty search infrastructure? Those systems needed extensive setup, hefty upfront costs, and long-term commitments. Thankfully, Vertex AI Search & Conversation lets you skip the logistics and get search up and running in a few clicks. Say hello to turnkey enterprise search!

This isn't just about search. The Vertex AI Platform is a full-fledged AI playground where developers and analysts can build amazing things. Imagine a platform with pre-trained ML models for text-to-video generation, image classification, sentiment analysis, and even translation – all ready to be picked and played with. It's like Willy Wonka's AI/ML Factory, and you hold the golden ticket!

What's Under the Hood? 

Vertex AI Search harnesses the power of deep information retrieval, cutting-edge natural language processing, and the latest large language models (LLMs). This translates to multimodal and multi-turn search experiences that understand user intent and deliver the most relevant results, whether it's for customers or employees.

Out-of-the-Box Features to Impress

Here's a taste of what Vertex AI Search offers:

  • AI-powered summarization and citations: No more drowning in information overload. Get concise summaries and reference sources alongside your search results.
  • Natural language understanding and semantic search: No need for complex NLP implementations. Vertex AI Search handles synonyms, corrects spellings, and even auto-suggests searches for a seamless experience.
  • Recommendations: Discover similar content with state-of-the-art ML-based analysis. Your users will love it!
  • Easy integration: Use the cloud console or Google's Vertex Search API to seamlessly integrate search into your websites and applications. There’s also a Widget that can be dropped into any web page for site search in minutes.

Pricing that Doesn't Break the Bank

Costs are divided into queries and data, with the first 10GB of storage thrown in for free. The Standard edition covers structured and unstructured documents, while the Enterprise adds website indexing, image search, and "Get Answers" functionality. LLM features come as a separate add-on.

Getting Started is a Breeze

  1. Login to the cloud console
  2. Create a project
  3. Configure your search app

It's that simple! And if you run into any snags, Suitebriar is here to help. Here are some resources to jumpstart your search journey:

So ditch the headaches of managing expensive search infrastructure and embrace the cloud-powered future of search with Vertex AI. It's time to unleash Google's AI muscle and turn your search dreams into reality.

Watch the Demo!

A 30-minute recorded presentation and demonstration on this topic are available on YouTube!

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