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Unleash the Power of Data

Unleashing the Power of Data

In today's fast-paced business world, data has become a critical asset that organizations can use to make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage. However, with the massive amounts of data generated by various sources, it can be challenging to analyze and derive valuable insights manually. This is where data analytics platforms come into play, offering businesses several benefits that enable them to make data-driven decisions effectively. In this post, we will discuss the top three benefits of having a data analytics platform and how cloud computing can enhance these benefits.

Top 3 Benefits Of A Data Analytics Platform In The Cloud

#1 Improved Decision Making

Data analytics platforms provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other critical information that can be used to make informed decisions. By analyzing data in real time, businesses can quickly identify areas that need improvement, identify opportunities for growth, and implement changes to optimize their operations. This enables businesses to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

#2 Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Data analytics platforms can automate many of the manual processes involved in data analysis, reducing the time and resources required to generate insights. This enables businesses to allocate resources more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Additionally, cloud-based analytics platforms offer businesses the ability to scale up or down their infrastructure as needed, ensuring that they have the resources they need to handle any amount of data.

#3 Integration with Other Services

Data analytics platforms, such as BigQuery, can easily integrate with other AI/ML and advertising services offered by Google. This enables businesses to leverage these services to gain even more insights and optimize their operations. For example, businesses can use Google's AI/ML services to analyze customer behavior patterns and identify opportunities for growth, while advertising services can be used to target specific audiences with personalized campaigns.

Cloud Computing and Data Analytics Platforms

Cloud computing enhances the benefits of data analytics platforms by providing businesses with a flexible and scalable infrastructure. Cloud-based analytics platforms like BigQuery can store and analyze massive amounts of data, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently. Additionally, cloud computing provides businesses with access to a wide range of tools and services that can be used to enhance data analytics capabilities, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Build a Data Analytics Platform for $15/month

Getting started with the Google Cloud Platform is easy and straightforward. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation, businesses of all sizes can quickly create an account, choose from a variety of services, and start building their applications and services in the cloud. Additionally, Google Cloud Platform provides a free tier that enables users to explore the platform's capabilities and try out different services without incurring any costs. Whether you are a developer, data analyst, or IT professional, the Google Cloud Platform offers the tools and resources you need to succeed in the cloud. If you have questions about Data Analytics Platforms, please contact the Suitebriar team.

Example Architecture Diagram of a Data Analytics Platform


Example Pricing Calculation | Region: Iowa, Currency: USD





Cloud Storage


Storage Capacity

10 GiB


[1 req/day * 30 days * 2 sources] + [ test and retries]

100 reqs




Storage Pricing (10 GiB/month * 60 months)

600 GiB


Analysis Query Pricing

500 GiB


Total Monthly Charges: $13.78

The pricing estimates above are subject to change. Please refer to the pricing calculator for the updated pricing. Free Tier is applied to the above estimate up to the usage limit. Looker Studio can be used free of charge. If you want to use Connected Sheets to link BigQuery and Google Sheets (Spreadsheet), you will need an Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Enterprise Standard, or Enterprise Essentials account, and additional costs will be incurred.


Data analytics platforms provide businesses with several benefits that enable them to make informed decisions, increase productivity, and remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, businesses can enhance these benefits, enabling them to take full advantage of their data and gain a competitive edge.