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Best G Suite Inventory Management Software


Many businesses rely on inventory software and manual data entry as a way to measure business success. As you probably know, features such as user and device management, cloud compatibility and mobile integration are all very important aspects of inventory management.

Inventory management software is essentially used for tracking inventory levels as well as orders, sales and deliveries. Oftentimes these software options also create a bill of materials or production related documents as well.

The good news for Google’s G Suite users is that there are many different inventory management software apps  that can be easily integrated with G Suite. We've pulled together some of our favorites, but if you don't find what you're looking for on this list, get in touch - Suitebriar can create a custom inventory management solution for your business.

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Asset Panda


This inventory software helps to track business equipment and product. You can customize this system and track inventory however you choose. This integration also makes it very easy to sync all the information you already have in any other Google applications, and sync it to the inventory tracking in Asset Panda.

Some of the specific features that Asset Panda boasts are Google Device Manager, Single Sign-On and Google Directory. There is also a custom ticketing system, the ability to know where assets are at, and who used them last.

Asset Panda is designed to save businesses money by stopping the waste of time, and keeping employees “on the same page.” One of the shortcomings to Asset Panda is that the customization options aren’t incredibly clear, and can be slightly confusing, which can make your initial setup time consuming and frustrating.

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This provider helps you to connect your G Suite user network to many different services such as shipping providers, and payment gateways. This allows you to reach more customers and different markets that you may not have had access to otherwise.

Some of the apps available for integration through Zoho are: Slack, Paypal, Shopify, Stripe, Zoho CRM/Books/Analytics/Cliq/Flow and Braintree.

In terms of Zoho's potential shortcomings for large organizations, some businesses found that there was not a connection between different levels of warehouses, when there were different levels of approval needed for each level. Each level of warehouse needed to be attended to separately, which limits efficiency.

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The inventory tracking software in mHelpDesk is not only compatible with G Suite, but also offers offers many tools useful for any business. Specifically, the inventory tracking in this software is organized by location which is different from other integration options. Some other features included are the ability to set reorder points by location to stay ahead of shortages, get low inventory warnings according to specific locations, see which parts have already been used, as well as assign staff to specific locations for work.

The drawbacks of mHelpDesk that were reported, were generally with the mobile app. Some of the workflow seemed a bit glitchy when trying to put in new Service Requests, and it was difficult to fully put in all information. If you are a business with different warehouses, staff members and locations in which they work, this is a great organizational tool, in spite of the mobile shortcomings. 

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Very diverse, this app is a web based CRM application that specializes in leads, accounts, quotes, orders, invoicing, potential tracking, and stock management.

The Black Ice CRM motto is “Capture, Engage, Support and Grow.” Black ICE CRM also supports 17 languages, and is of course compatible with G Suite. A solid option for many businesses.

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Specifically made for invoice management and API, this app specializes in invoicing, accounting, inventory, CRM and expenses.

Known for easy billing, ONE UP creates full invoices and organized looking, customizable templates. There are also pricing plans similar to G Suite, for 1, 2, 3, 7 or unlimited users. Although most reviews are pretty highly rated, some customers felt the value for money was not good with ONE UP, so do your due-diligence and shop around before you commit.

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Forest Metrix


Forest Metrix specializes in smartphone and tablet data collection, specifically for companies involved in forest, tree services or ecological industries. Examples of businesses that may utilize this software would be foresters and wildlife biologists, educational institutions, REITs, timber investment management organizations (TIMOs), paper companies, and state agencies.

Some of the issues reported with Forest Metrix have to do with the lack of functionality outside of handheld iOS products, and the fact that it is a pricey option. 

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This is a cloud based accounting software mainly for small businesses, known to be compared as an alternative to Quickbooks. Some of the features of this app are the ability to connect with over 500 business apps (such as G Suite), bank reconciliation, unlimited users, email support, and ability to transfer over from Quickbooks.

The only negative aspects of Xero that we found was that at tims the interface felt (and functioned) in a dated way. Additionally some of the accounts that Xero suggests to reconcile are not necessarily correct, so some transactions need to be double checked ... which may limit the efficiency benefits of using this software in the first place. 

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If your business is not considered a corporation but rather a small business, then Systum might be right for you.

This app provides real-time visibility, and control over almost all aspects of wholesale distribution. There are pricing controls, a built in CRM, lead management, and stock counts, as well as integration with sales. 

The main selling point of this app is the ability to view all reports and analytics in real time.

The main issue reported with Systum is that it is a young company and some of the bugs still needed to be worked out. But overall, most users found Systum to be a great software option to connect with G Suite.

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Which G Suite Inventory Management Software Integration Solution is Best for You?


As you can see, there are many different inventory management software that are compatible with G Suite, and each of these are truly able to change the way your business manages its inventory.

Even with all of the options available, you may still looking for the best option for your business.

If this is the case, Suitebriar does offer custom development to make a tailored solution for your needs, so get in touch to explore your options. When you choose custom development, you'll limit the amount of time you will waste configuring or struggling with customizable settings. By relying on Suitebriar’s team for custom development, you can allow inventory management software to truly help rather than hinder your business, and you don't have to settle for a set of features that aren't perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

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