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Is There a Google Workspace User Limit?


Google's flagship product, Google Workspace, has created an opportunity for businesses to be more connected, organized, and collaborative. Within Google Workspace there is the option of purchasing different licenses, with each option offering more storage and collaborative tools to admins and users.

Although Google's suite of productivity apps is one of the best options on the market for businesses, there are limits to how many users may use the service per business. By working with Suitebriar, you can expand the number of users you're allowed in your license if you end up needing to add more users.

In this article we'll answer the question "Is there a Google Workspace user limit?" (there is), and we'll tell you how you can increase the number of users you're allowed if your business is growing.

Google Workspace License Options


There are five different licensing options with Google Workspace: Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit. Each of these options have different storage and user limits and we'll list these here for you: 


With the lowest number of users and costing only $6 per user, per month, this licensing option is limited to 25 users. There is also a 30GB maximum of cloud storage per user. It's a great entry-level license for startups and small businesses, but we find that the Business plan is the most popular as most teams quickly outgrow their Basic Google Workspace license.


The Google Workspace Business license represents a step up in monthly cost at $12 per user per month, and this option also only allows 25 users. For those with more than 5 users, the maximum cloud storage is unlimited, making it an excellent value if your team is between 5 and 25 users. If you have fewer than 5 users, each user receives 1TB of cloud storage.


30 users are allowed under an Enterprise Google Workspace license. This license costs $25 per user per month, but you get some great data loss prevention tools that are unavailable in the less expensive licenses. The maximum storage is the same as with the Business option, unlimited for more than 5 users, or up to 1TB per user for under 5 users. 


This option is available for schools, universities or other educational operations. Which makes sense due to the allowed amount of users being 10,000. It's not available for individual users or for businesses.


In order to utilize this option you must qualify as a true non-profit organization. If you happen to qualify you will enjoy a service similar to Basic, but with unlimited users. 

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How a “User” is Defined in Google Workspace

Google defines a user as someone with a personalized email using Google Workspace. An example of this would be, johnsmith @yourcompany or sarah @yourcompany.

Group emails such as sales @yourcompany or support @yourcompany can be (and should be) set up as they're included in your Google Workspace license at no extra charge.

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What To Do if Your Business Exceeds Google Workspace User Limits


Although there are limits regarding how many users you may have on a single license, there are a few ways around this.

Suitebriar is a Google Cloud Premier Partner. This means that by working with Suitebriar, you will receive comprehensive deployment, implementation, training and ongoing support to ensure your team gets the most out of Google Workspace's productivity apps. As your business grows, Suitebriar can work with Google to expand the number of users you are allowed on your existing or new Google Workspace license. This can be especially useful for large companies who do not necessarily need a lot of features, but do have a lot of employees.  

So is there a Google Workspace user limit? Yes. But, it is possible to get around this. By partnering with Suitebriar and the resources available to us as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, you will never have to worry about limiting your employees. Everyone in your company will be able to leverage the power of Google's cloud-based productivity suite. Get in touch with our experts if you'd like to learn more.

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