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Suitebriar Must-See Google NEXT Sessions

Industry experts and leading visionaries are already using what they’ve learned at Google Cloud Next to solve the challenges of tomorrow. If you didn't get a chance to attend live, be sure to explore all of the sessions on-demand

With over 120 updates announced at NEXT '22 it can be overwhelming to decide what to watch. That's why we've polled our team and curated a list of must-see sessions that our staff recommends. Read our top 7 picks! 

Session: What's new in zero trust 

Why watch: "Zero Trust in becoming the new normal and keeping up on the latest information and how it impacts your Google footprint."

Suitebriar team member: Steve, Senior Google Workspace Sales Engineer


Session: What's next for DevOps, SysAdmins, and operators

Why watch: "It gave some solid insight into what's coming soon like software delivery shield. It shows Google's continued emphasis on making its platform as secure as possible."

Suitebriar team member: Jonathan, Business Development Representative 


Session: How Deezer built a serverless media pipeline for self-produced content

Why watch: "It shows a lot of the new technologies that are being used in the most modern apps and how robust the architecture is on the backend."

Suitebriar team member: Alfonso, Google Deployment Specialist


Session: My Experience as a woman in Tech - The ups and downs 

Why watch: "You don't hear about a lot of women in tech. Learning her experiences and path in the industry was very enlightening."

Suitebriar team member: Cortney, Administrative Assistant 


Session: Boosting Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace 

Why watch: "It focuses on the benefits of Workspace for collaboration."

Suitebriar team member: Jesse, Business Transformation Specialist 


Session: What's new in BigQuery 

Why watch: "I enjoy learning about BigQuery and seeing what advances are being made with the tool."

Suitebriar team member: Taylor, Deployment Specialist


Session: Get started building apps with Appsheet 

Why watch: "It focuses on how you can build powerful applications using AppSheet and not having much knowledge about coding."

Suitebriar team member: Stanley, Google Deployments and Migrations Engineer