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Streamline Your Migration to Google Cloud with Cloud Migration Center and StratoZone

Are you considering migrating your workloads to the Google Cloud but unsure of where to start? Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of assessing your infrastructure, planning a migration, and estimating costs? Google Cloud Migration Center and StratoZone assessments are here to help. In this blog post, we'll uncover how these powerful tools work together to simplify your migration journey and even potentially earn you funding support from Google!

The StratoZone Advantage
StratoZone assessments delve deeper into your infrastructure than traditional discovery tools. Think of it like an in-depth X-ray of your systems: StratoZone identifies dependencies, analyzes resource usage, and gives rightsizing recommendations for an optimized migration to Google Cloud. This data-driven approach reduces guesswork and lowers your risk.

StratoZone Overview

Migration Center: Your Migration Command Center
Google Cloud Migration Center streamlines your entire migration process. It centralizes your inventory,  offers rapid cost estimates, and provides valuable migration planning guidance. Now, with StratoZone integrated, you get these advanced assessment capabilities within your Migration Center workflow.

MigrationCenter Overview

Easing the Financial Burden: Google Funding Support
Worried about the upfront costs of cloud migration? Google gets it. That's why they offer funding programs in many cases to eligible partners. This funding can significantly offset the costs of planning your migration, analyzing your infrastructure with StratoZone, and calculating your potential ROI. It's a win-win for accelerating your cloud modernization.

Ready to embrace the power of Google Cloud and streamline your migration?

Don't let migration complexities hold you back. Leverage the combined power of StratoZone and Google Cloud Migration Center. With potential funding support from Google, your journey to the cloud has never been easier. Start your migration journey today!