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Essential Tools for Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents have a tough job. They have to be available during normal business hours and they also have to be available to their clients ... well, pretty much around the clock. Their office is in a fixed location, but they probably spend more than half of their day in their car, or touring properties.

They work for themselves, they work for their brokerage firm, and they work for homeowners, homebuyers, and every potential client that walks through the door at their open house.

Basically, keeping track of everything can be quite the juggling act.

We see you, real estate agents!

And that's why today, we are going to share a few essential tools for real estate agents. Software, tech, and productivity tools that can accelerate your career trajectory and earnings while saving you time.

Let's get started!


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While software suites like Word and Docs have some decent templates, usually the promotional materials you're creating with those platforms don’t look that professional.

If you really want to stand out, you have to produce professional-looking flyers and handouts that make your properties jump out to prospective buyers and help homeowners choose you when they're ready to list their property.


Canva has some of the most creative and professional looking designs, plus they allow you to create more than just flyers and handouts. You can choose from hundreds of templates for business cards, brochures, mailings, and more!

It's a great solution for real estate agents because it's easy to use, and you can even create some compelling designs right from your smartphone while you wait for your clients to arrive at a showing.

G Suite

Real estate agents love G Suite. This suite of cloud-based productivity tools grants you access to your office when you aren’t in your office. There isn’t a more “mobile” solution.


From document sharing and collaboration, data metric tracking, email management, video conferencing, and even VoIP through Google Voice, you would be hard-pressed to find a better mobile office solution for your real estate business.

Suitebriar recently helped Century 21 Canada with their enterprise-level transition to G Suite, but even if you own your own real estate business you'll love how going Google can accelerate your growth. Contact us to learn more about this affordable tool for your real estate business.

Google Voice for  Business Plans


Stop losing sales because you didn't get your client's signature on that offer in time! 


DocuSign is the industry leader in facilitating secure electronic signatures, and if you're not using it as a real estate agents you're making your life, and the life of your clients infinitely more complicated than it needs to be.


If you’ve been an agent for long, you know that social media can bring in new customers better than any other platform if leveraged properly.

From interested buyers to homeowners looking for a cutting-edge agent with great conversion metrics, social media is the new frontier for realtors who want to get noticed and want to have a leg up on other agents in their market.


But managing all of those networks can be time-consuming, unless you use automation software like Hootsuite.

Build your ads when you can, schedule them to drip as needed, and manage a regular posting schedule across multiple social networks like a boss, all while enjoying access to real-time reporting and analytics on your efforts.

Leverage These Essential Tools in Your Real Estate Business


If you are a real estate agent, these tools will help you with your clients, with communication, and with scheduling.

Keep up your social media presence, get contracts signed and submitted anywhere, at any time, and leverage secure, cloud-based technology to grow your realty business.

Sure, you’ve managed to be competitive so far without these tools, but isn't it possible that you could become the #1 real estate agent in your market if you had a little “advantage”?

Ask About Google Voice


"The feedback from our agents to the announcement was excitement. From the agent’s perspective, to be successful, they can’t have downtime. Moving to G Suite eliminates that."

Chiyoko Kakino, VP of Marketing
CENTURY 21 Canada