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How to Migrate Outlook to Gmail (without losing any data)


When it comes to email services, Microsoft Outlook was favored by businesses worldwide for many years. It remains a solid option used by many companies, but today Outlook has lagged behind professional Gmail for several reasons. Today I’ll explain some of those, and tell you how to migrate Outlook to Gmail at your business without losing any of your contacts, data, or historical messages.

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BeyondCorp: Google Zero Trust Security for Enterprise


In today's article, we'll introduce you to BeyondCorp - Google's implementation of the Zero Trust model for cybersecurity. You already know that in today’s day and age, staying on top of technology is essential to running a successful business, and with BeyondCorp (the Google Zero Trust security solution) you can shift access controls from the network perimeter to individual users, allowing  your enterprise to keep your sensitive data secure.

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How to Enable Recording for Google Meet


Using video conferencing is a great way to make the most of your time working remotely. Google provides their top performing video conferencing platform, Google Meet, to both personal and Google Workspace account holders. Google Workspace users have the added benefit of being able to record their Google Meet video calls. Find out how to enable recording for Google Meet so that you can leverage this helpful feature and optimize your next virtual meeting.

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Can You Use Google Docs Offline?


Using Google Docs to collaborate with colleagues or friends is one of the top perks of using this cloud-based productivity app. But many users worry that they’ll always need an internet connection to be able to use Google Docs. Good news! Not only can you edit your document offline, but it’s easy and efficient to use Google Docs offline.

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