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Common Google Meet Problems (and how to fix them)


If you have used any virtual meeting platform, you have probably experienced some technical glitches or problems. While reliable and used by companies all over the world, Google Meet still has its share of technical difficulties. Here are a few of the most common Google Meet problems and how to fix them.

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7 Google Meet Extensions to Transform Your Virtual Meetings


Today’s workforce has gone virtual. Many schools have as well. With online workspaces replacing the traditional office setup and remote learning taking the place of the traditional classroom, either temporarily or permanently, there are a number of new tools that employees or students can use to make the most of their virtual time together. But even the best of these platforms has its limitations, and what you love about using Zoom might not be quite the same in Skype or Google Meet.

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How to Add Google Voice to Workspace


Today’s top businesses know that integration across digital products helps productivity and efficiency in the workplace. If you are using Google’s cloud-based file storage services and communicate with your team using Google Workspace (an amazing suite of productivity apps built for the cloud), adding a Google Voice account to leverage the low pricing and versatility of VoIP will bring your business communication and processes to the next level.

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How do I Recall an Email in Gmail?


Every workplace has an embarrassing story about someone pressing Send on an email that was either incomplete, addressed incorrectly, or never meant to be sent at all. Fortunately, Gmail has a recall feature that allows email senders to get those mistake emails back. 

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How to Secure Google Drive


Workplace collaboration requires a lot of data sharing, document reviews, and communication among employees. A virtual workspace like Google Drive can make all of this easy and efficient. What you don’t want to include in your plan are opportunities for outside parties to access or even steal your information and sensitive business data. Securing your Google Drive will allow your business to focus on work without worrying about online vulnerabilities.

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Google Shared Drive Permissions (explained in plain English)


Business has been moving toward online collaboration for years. But the global pandemic has shown that collaborating virtually is a necessity for today's business environment. Google Workspace allows companies to create Google Shared Drives for employee work and collaboration. But for companies concerned about data security and access, a firm understanding of Google Shared Drive permissions and how to set sharing up effectively is important.

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