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IT Budget Allocation & Spending Per Employee by Industry


One of the most important aspects of a business is making good decisions allocating their budget and regarding the future of their spending. Although the future is never certain, there is still much to be said for preparing an educated budget based on current geopolitical and macroeconomic trends. Global IT spending has grown immensely over the past few years according to the research director at Gartner. The trend of integrating IT into all services and products (not only as a backend system), allows companies to truly understand the value of their IT teams. 

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Google Team Drive Pricing and Features


Having the ability to quickly share files, information, and data within a company is instrumental in a productive work environment. Now with modern day technology this can all be done instantly and enhanced collaboration is the norm within Google Drive. Team Drives or Shared Drives have been introduced as a way for teams to quickly share and collaborate a set of centrally located and shared documents and files, all accessible from anywhere in the cloud.

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